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Transportation of wild animals

Statute Details
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Citation: Conn. Gen. Stat. 6367 (1918).

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Section 6367 of Chapter 329 from the 1918 General Laws of Connecticut covers the transportation of wild animals.  Specifically, the statute establishes the duty of care that must be given to the public when transporting a wild animal.

Statute in Full:


Offenses against the public peace and safety.

Section 6367. Transportation of wild animals. Every owner or keeper of a wild animal or animal kept for exhibition who shall not transport it in a cage, unless its size shall render such transportation impracticable, or who shall conduct any such animal, which cannot be so transported, on any highway, except between ten o'clock in the evening and sunrise, without a license from the mayor of the city, warden of the borough or first selectman of the town in which such highway may be, and shall not while it is passing over such highway send some person in advance to give reasonable notice of its approach to all persons upon such highway, shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars.

Rev. 1902, Sec. 2615.

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