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Calfornia General Laws of 1913: Title 14: Sections 596-599f  
California 1872: Cruelty to Animals  
California Statutes of 1900: Sections 597-599c  
Connecticut General Statute 1918: Chapter 337: Section 6546  
Connecticut General Statutes 1902: Sections 2807-2816  
Connecticut General Statutes 1918: Chapter 196: Sections 1879-1886  
Connecticut General Statutes 1918: Chapter 329: Section 6268  
Connecticut General Statutes: Chapter 331: Section 6367  
Connecticut General Statutes: Chapter 333: Sections 6402-6405  
Connecticut General Statutes: Chapter 338: Section 6619  
Connecticut General Statutes: Title 56: Sections 6480 - 6482n  
Illinois: 1869 Cruelty to Animals Statute  
Maine Laws 1821: Chapter V  
Maine Laws 1883: Chapter 182 'lands reserved for public uses.'  
Maryland General Laws Supplement 1890-1889: Cruelty to Animals  
Massachusetts 1854-1859: Chapter 96: An act to prevent cruelty to animals  
Massachusetts General Law Statutes 1921: Sections 77-96  
Massachusetts General Statutes 1860-1872: Chapter 344  
Michigan Compiled Laws 1838: Chapter 8: Section 22  
Michigan Compiled Laws 1929: Chapter 285: Section 1  
Minnesota 1860-1872 Public Statutes: Offences against Chastity, Morality, ect.  
Nebraska Complied Laws 1887: Chapter X: Offences Related to Domestic Animals  
New Hampshire General Laws 1878: Trespasses, Malicious Injuries, etc.  
New Hampshire Revised Statutes 1843: Offences Against Chastity, Decency and Morality  
New Jersey Revision of Statutes 1709-1877: Chapter XII Supplement: An act for the prevention of cruelty to animals.  
New Jersey Revision Statutes 1870: Chapter XII: An act for the prevention of cruelty to animals.  
New York Consolidated Laws 1909: Sections 180-196  
New York Consolidated Laws 1938: Sections 180-196  
New York Penal Code 1866: Chapter 682: Section 2  
New York Revised Statutes 1829: Title 6: Section 26  
New York Revised Statutes 1866: Chapter 783: Sections 1-10  
New York Revised Statutes 1867: Chapter 375: Sections 1-10  
New York Revised Statutes 1874: Chapter 12: Section 1-8  
New York Revised Statutes 1881: Chapter 682: Section 26  
Pennsylvania Laws of Session of 1860  
Pennsylvania Statute Law 1920: Article 16: Agriculture Laws  
Pennsylvania Statute Law: Article 14: Criminal Laws  
Rhode Island Public Laws 1857-1872: Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  
Tennessee Code 1858: Article V: Cruelty to Animals  
Tennessee Code 1858: Article VI: Killing Game, Poisoning Fish, Fire Hunting  
Vermont Laws: 1845-1849  
Vermont Laws: 1854-1855  
Virginia General Laws 1893: Cruelty to Animals