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Washington Administrative Code. Title 16. Agriculture, Department of. Chapter 16-54. Animal Importation. General Importation Requirements

Country of Origin: United States - Washington

Agency of Origin: Washington Department of Agriculture

National Citation: WA ADC 16-54-030

WASH. ADMIN. CODE 16-54-030

Last checked by Web Center Staff: 07/2013

Summary:   Washington requires health certificates for the importation of most animals into the state.
Material in Full:

(1) Certificate of veterinary inspection:

(a) A certificate of veterinary inspection must accompany all animals entering Washington state, except where specifically exempted in this chapter. Certificates of veterinary inspection expire thirty days from the date of issuance.

(b) The certificate of veterinary inspection must show that all livestock listed have been examined and found in compliance with vaccination, testing, and Washington animal identification requirements found in chapter 16-610 WAC.

(c) Any exemption to the requirement for a certificate of veterinary inspection may be suspended during an emergency disease condition declared by the director.

(2) Entry permit: An entry permit is required on:

(a) All domestic bovine (including Mexican cattle, Canadian cattle, and bison);

(b) Swine;

(c) Rams;

(d) Equine identified on a certificate similar to the Washington Equine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and Movement Permit (form AGR-3027);

(e) Equine from states or countries where the diseases listed in WAC 16-54-071 have been diagnosed;

(f) Intact male equine that test positive to equine viral arteritis; and

(g) Equine reproductive products from donors that test positive to equine viral arteritis.

(3) Entry permits are granted at the discretion of the director and may be obtained from:

Washington State Department of Agriculture

Animal Services Division

1111 Washington Street S.E.

P.O. Box 42577

Olympia, Washington 98504-2577


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Current with amendments adopted through the 13-11 Washington State Register dated, June 5, 2013.

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