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Nevada Administrative Code. Chapter 504. Wildlife Management and Propagation. Possession of Live Wildlife. License for Possession of Wildlife. NAC 504.471 Restrictions on shipment, transportation and exportation of wildlife; exceptions. (NRS 501.105, 501.181, 503.597, 504.295)

Country of Origin: United States - Nevada

Agency of Origin:

National Citation: Nev. Admin. Code ch. 504, s. 471

Agency Citation:

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Last checked by Web Center Staff: 06/2013


This administrative provision restricts the shipment, transportation and exportation of wildlife subject to limited exceptions.

Material in Full:

A person shall not ship, transport or export wildlife from the State of Nevada unless:

1. The person first obtains an exportation permit from the Department;

2. The person possesses a valid license or permit issued by the Department which specifically authorizes the export of the species listed on the license or permit;

3. The person lawfully obtains the wildlife from a person authorized to possess and export live wildlife without an export permit and the shipment is accompanied by a receipt which includes:

(a) The species of wildlife and the number of each species being shipped or transported;

(b) The date that the wildlife is being shipped or transported; and

(c) The name, address and signature of the person from whom the wildlife was obtained;

4. The person ships or transports species possessed pursuant to NAC 504.459, 504.4595 or 504.4597; or

5. The wildlife to be transported is an unprotected reptile or amphibian possessed pursuant to NAC 504.461.

(Added to NAC by Bd. of Wildlife Comm'rs, eff. 5-22-97; A by R009-00, 4-3-2000)


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