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WA - Buckely - Breed - Chapter 9.10 (Pit Bull Ordinance) BUCKELY, WA., MUNICIPAL CODE §§ 9.10.020, 9.10.260 - 9.10.300 (2008)

In Buckely, Washington, pit bulls are defined to be “dangerous dogs." Such dogs are considered to be a public nuisance and shall be humanely destroyed or removed from the city.

Local Ordinance
WI - South Milwaukee - Vicious dog - § 23.20 REGULATING VICIOUS DOGS. SOUTH MILWAUKEE, WI., MUNICIPAL CODE § 23.20 In 2017, the City of South Milwaukee amended its section on "vicious dogs" to remove the prohibition on the keeping of dogs described as "pit bull dogs." This ban was repealed on June 27, 2017. Local Ordinance
WI - St. Francis - Breed - § 180-5 Dangerous and Vicious Dogs ST. FRANCIS, WI., MUNICIPAL CODE § 180-5 (2008)

In St. Francis, Wisconsin, no person may harbor, keep or maintain any pit bull that was not registered and licensed by October 1, 2001. Any person having knowledge that another has an unregistered pit bull must file a sworn affidavit with the Municipal Court Clerk. Owners of pit bulls that are allowed must comply with all provisions applicable to dangerous dogs, such as securely confining the dog, displaying a dangerous dog sign, and if off of the premises, keep the dog muzzled and on a leash. A violation may result in impoundment of the dog, as well as a forfeiture of up to $1,000.

Local Ordinance