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Brief Summary of Elephants and the Ivory Trade This paper will examine the global ivory trade and its effect of elephant populations. It begins with a historical discussion of ivory demand as well as the relationship between elephants and ivory. The paper then looks at poaching rates over time and the poaching industry generally. Next, the paper considers two competing approaches to elephant conservation and catalogues how they have informed CITES decisions regarding elephants beginning in 1975. In addition, it discusses relevant laws in ivory-producing nations and consuming nations. Finally, the paper examines U.S. laws regarding elephants and ivory, as well as legal challenges to those policies.
Brief Summary of Dog Auctions and Retail Rescue This brief summary explores the recent changes with respect to dog auctions and the role of rescues. The limited federal and state oversight is discussed as well as new retail pet store bans that have inadvertently fueled "retail rescue" phenomenon.
Brief Summary of Cross-Reporting Laws
Brief Summary of Commercial Breeders and Puppy Mills This provides a brief overview of the commercial breeding industry in the United States.
Brief Summary of Breed Specific Legislation
Brief Summary of Animal Euthanasia This article offers a brief summary of the topic of euthanasia of animals. It shows an overview of the reasons behind animal euthanasia, different euthanasia methods, and who may perform euthanasia. The article also refers to the states' approach to animal euthanasia.
Brief Summary of Ag-gag Laws
Brief Overview of Dangerous Dog Laws The following article provides a general overview of the most common parts of a Dangerous Dog Statute, including common points of litigation, criticism, and emerging trends.
Brent v. Kimball

This was an action of trespass, brought by appellant against appellee, for the alleged wrongful killing, by the latter, of appellant's dog. Plaintiff sought recovery for his dog that was shot and killed when it entered into defendant/neighbor’s backyard. The Court held that the plaintiff could recover at least nominal damages, regardless of the fact that the animal had no actual market value.


This Virginia case concerned the shooting of plaintiff's companion animal where defendant alleged that the dog was worrying his livestock. The court reversed judgment for defendant, finding that defendant’s act of killing dog while not engaged in the act of “worrying the livestock,” was not authorized within the statute.