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Animal Hoarding  
Animal Rights  
Animals in the Circus and the Laws Governing Them  
Assistance Animals  
Bear Farming and the Trade in Bear Bile  
Bear Farming and the Trade in Bear Bile  
Bovine Topic Area  
Breed Specific Legislation  
Chimpanzee Laws by Alicia S. Ivory  
Commercial Breeders  
Companion Animal Damages  
Custody of Pets in Divorce  
Dangerous Dog Laws of Canada  
Dog Bite Topic Area  
Dog Fighting  
Dog Laws Topic Area  
Domestic Violence  
Emotional Support Animals and Federal Housing Laws  
Equine Activity Liability Act  
European Animal Welfare Laws 2003 to Present: Explaining the Downturn  
Feral Cats  
Genetic Engineering  
Gray Wolf Recovery under the ESA  
Hog Confinement Operations in Iowa  
Humane Methods of Slaughter Act  
International Comparative Animal Cruelty Law  
International Trade in Wild-Caught Reptiles  
Landlord Tenant Topic Page  
Laws Affecting Horses  
Laws Affecting Zoos  
Laws Concerning Commercial Breeders  
Legal Protection of the Domestic Chicken  
Lost Dogs and State Property Laws  
Michigan State University College of Law  
Municipal Animal Control Ordinances  
Overview of CITES  
Pet Sales Issues  
Pet Wills and Trusts  
Polar Bears  
Police Shooting Pets  
State and Local Laws Governing Exotic Pets  
State Anti-Cruelty Laws  
Texas Animal Cruelty Laws  
The Lacey Act  
The Offences of Cruelty to Domestic and Captive Animals (United Kingdom)  
The Regulation of the Selling of Pet Animals (UK)  
The Rise of Ecoterrorism  
The Sale of Pets at Retail Pet Stores  
Trainer Responsibility for Racehorse Breakdowns in New York  
U.S. Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act  
US Animal Welfare Act  
US Endangered Species Act  
Veterinary Client Issues  
Veterinary Malpractice