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West's Revised Code of Washington Annotated Currentness. Title 19. Business Regulations--Miscellaneous. Chapter 19.86. Unfair Business Practices--Consumer Protection. 19.86.145. Penalties--Animals used in biomedical research

Statute Details
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Citation: WA ST 19.86.145

Citation: West's RCWA 19.86.145

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 03/2011

Summary:   This law provides that any violation of RCW 9.08.070 - 9.08.078 (relating to concealing or taking a pet animal with the intent to deprive or defraud the owner) or RCW 16.52.220 (relating to transfer of mammals other than rats or mice for use in research) constitutes an unfair or deceptive practice. Research institutions that violate this provision face only monetary penalties not to exceed $2,500.

Statute in Full:
Any violation of RCW 9.08.070 through 9.08.078 or 16.52.220 constitutes an unfair or deceptive practice in violation of this chapter. The relief available under this chapter for violations of RCW 9.08.070 through 9.08.078 or 16.52.220 by a research institution shall be limited to only monetary penalties in an amount not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars.


[2003 c 53 § 150, eff. July 1, 2004; 1989 c 359 § 4.]


Intent--Effective date--2003 c 53: See notes following RCW 2.48.180.

2003 Legislation

Laws 2003, ch. 53 reorganized criminal provisions in order to clarify and simplify the identification and referencing of crimes.

Laws 2003, ch. 53, § 1 provides:

“The legislature intends by this act to reorganize criminal provisions throughout the Revised Code of Washington to clarify and simplify the identification and referencing of crimes. It is not intended that this act effectuate any substantive change to any criminal provision in the Revised Code of Washington.”


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