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Hawaii Great Ape Laws

Statute Name Citation Summary
HI - Cruelty - Hawaii Cruelty to Animals Provisions (Chapter 711)   HI ST 711-1100 - 1110.5   Under this set of Hawaii laws, a person commits the misdemeanor offense of cruelty to animals if the person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly overdrives, overloads, tortures, torments, cruelly beats or starves any animal, deprives a pet animal of necessary sustenance, mutilates, poisons, or kills without need any animal other than insects, vermin, or other pests, or engages in animal fighting enterprises.  Dog fighting constitutes a felony where the person owns or trains the dog to fight.  The section has enhanced penalties for cruelty to guide or service animals or interference with their duties.  
HI - Importation - Chapter 150A. Plant and Non-Domestic Animal Quarantine and Microorganism Import   HI ST 150A-5 - 150A-15   These laws concern the importation of animals, plants, and microorganisms into the State of Hawaii.  
HI - Wildlife - Chapter 183D. Wildlife.   HI ST 183D-1 - 183D-65   These statutes comprise Hawaii's wildlife provisions.  

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