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Great Apes and the Law

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Congratulation's, the following law students have received summer research grants for 2004. These grants have been made possible by the support of the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Humane Society International.

Matthew Liebman, Stanford Law School

Kali Grech, University of San Francisco School of Law

Leslie Sauerbrey, Michigan State College of Law

Shannon O. Kelley, Penn. State, Dickinson School of Law

Jamie Olin, University of Michigan

Rebecca  Judd, Tulane Law School

Nicole Chaps, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Rebekah Salguero, Tulane Law School

Pamela Bolton, University of Texas School of Law


Topics that are expected to be developed include:

Texas Animal laws

Global Threats to Wildlife and Int’l Legal Response

Michigan Animal laws

Comparative National Animal Laws

Model National Animal Laws

State Control of Exotic Pets

Advanced Issues under the Endangered Species Act

Animal Exhibitions – Issues and Laws

SPCA’s and Animal Ownership