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We've added a new feature to the website that allows readers to access comparative tables of state laws. These tables display the fifty states and D.C. with links to the covered laws. In addition, the tables attempt to break down some of the main components of the laws so that readers can quickly understand how the law operates in their state. For example, a comparative table might have a column that tells readers what parties the law covers, what action is prohibited under the law, and the possible penalty for violating the law. The tables are simply informational, providing another avenue for readers to access information. They are not intended to substitute as legal advice for state laws.

Below is a list of topics for which a comparative table of laws has been completed. The comparative tables describe state laws concerning these topics with links to the text of the laws. More tables are in development, so check back frequently to see what has been added.

New! Table of state animal sexual assault laws

New! Table of where to report animal cruelty

New! Table of laws concerning pets left in vehicles

Table of pet purchaser protection laws ("puppy lemon laws")

Table of state assistance animal/service dog laws

Table of state laws amended or added in 2012

Table of state laws amended or added in late 2010 - 2011

Table of state commercial dog breeder laws

Table of state laws concerning the tethering/chaining of dogs

Table of state laws and regulations on minimum age to sell dogs

Table of state dog leash laws

Table of state strict liability laws for dog bites

Table of state laws on the power of humane enforcement officers

Table of state laws requiring cats to receive rabies vaccinations