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New Release Fall 2003
Teaching Textbook for Animals in the Legal Systemo:p>

Prof. David Favre: Animal: Welfare, Interests & Rights

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All titles are usually available in hard copy, in three different formats:

  •          Three hole paper, double sided, no cover ? Student Edition
  •          Wire binding, with cover ? Standard Edition
  •          Hard cover, nice paper ? Collector?s Edition

Those marked with an - *El , are also available as .pdf file.

Bookstore Link Historical Book Collection
  1. The Law Concerning Game ? William Nelson (England, 5th edition 1753, reprinted 2002 US).
  2. Animal Rights ? Henry S. Salt (England, 1894, reprinted 2002 US).
  3. The Law Relating to Dogs ? Frederick Lupton (England, 1888, reprinted 2002 US).

Topical Collections

  1. US Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act ? Rebecca Wisch (US 2002)

Research Materials

  1. Michigan Animal Laws ? Wanda Nash, editor (2002)