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Great Apes and the Law

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Teaching Textbook for Animals in the Legal System

Prof. David Favre: Animal: Welfare, Interests & Rights



ISBN # 978-0-7355-7312-3, 495 pages


Available at: 

Summary of Contents

1.       Introduction

2.       Animal Ownership

3.       Veterinarian Malpractice

4.       Damages for Harm to Pets

5.       State Regulation of Ownership

6.       Anti-Cruelty Laws, History and Intentional Acts

7.       Anti-Cruelty Laws Duty to Provide Care

8.       Agricultural Animals

9.       Access to the Courts Standing and Legal Injury

10.    The Animal Welfare Act

11.    Animal Rights The Jurisprudence

12.    Animal Rights The Social Movement


This book is to be used primarily for the teaching of animal law. While the primary focus is for law school use, others may find it a useful introduction to a wide set of legal materials. It contains cases, text, and problems for most of the issues that arise dealing with animals.