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Putnam Humane Society vs. Duso (1998)

Plaintiff's Attorney:   Gregory & Molhem, P.A. (Tampa)

Topic: Neglect

Case File #:   98-217-SC

Jurisdiction:   Florida - County Court in and for Putnam County, Florida

Year Case Filed:   1998

Printible Version

The Putnam County (Florida) Humane Society brought an action seeking permanent custody of 41 dogs from Marjorie Duso, the operator of a kennel.  The PCHS is a not-for-profit corporation that is devoted to the prevention of cruelty to animals pursuant to Florida law.  Under that authority, the PCHS seized and took custody of the dogs after an investigation led to the discovery of neglect and mistreatment of the dogs at the kennel. 

The Putnam County Court granted the PCHS custody of the dogs (except for Ms. Duso’s personal pet dog, which the PCHS was given the right to check on at least once a month).  Further, the court enjoined Ms. Duso from owning, possessing, or breeding dogs except those kept as personal pets.

Chronology of Documents:

Final Order, Putnam County Court and Petition brought by Putnam County Humane Society (04/16/1998) (pdf. file 56.8 KB)

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