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Maine: An Act against Sodomy and Bestiality.

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Citation: 1821 Me. Laws 5.

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Summary:   An Act concerning the punishment for Sodomy and Bestiality for Maine in 1821.

Statute in Full:



Chapter V.

An Act against Sodomy and Bestiality.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled, That if any man shall commit the crime against nature with a man or male child, or any man or woman shall have carnal copulation with a beast, every such offender, being duly convicted thereof in the Supreme Judicial Court, shall be punished by solitary imprisonment, for such term, not exceeding one year, and by confinement afterwards to hard labor for such term, not exceeding ten years, as the Justices of the said Court, before whom the conviction may be shall sentence and order.

[Approved Feb. 19, 1821]

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